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It’s a big day for Friends For Life! After months of planning, Friends For Life is currently under contract to purchase a new home for our programs and services. It’s a building you may know: 1548 Poplar Avenue, formerly the Memphis Leadership Institute. 


For years now, our vision for growth has included an expansion of services. Over time, we realized this expansion is only possible if we move our agency to a physically bigger, operationally better headquarters: a building that could house all of our staff and services more efficiently, but with enough room for growth.


This growth represents a a critical next generation of support to end the HIV epidemic in Memphis and the Mid-South. With the feedback of our clients and support of our board, we dreamt big to make this goal possible—and this building offers the space and location to bring that dream to life.


Our New Home: 1548 Poplar Avenue in the Evergreen Historic District


Our new home will be located just a half-mile from our current location at 43 N. Cleveland Street. Not only is it situated on Poplar Avenue, offering increased visibility on a busy thoroughfare, it also offers expanded parking, direct access to bus lines and a layout that facilitates strategic growth. We plan to renovate this 35,000-square-foot property in a way that will make it the most comprehensive, responsive and innovative suite of resources possible—for our clients living with HIV/AIDS, as well as for those communities at the highest risk of HIV infection.


This New Building Makes New Services Possible


These resources will include brand new services that allow us to better meet the needs of our community. Among many new programs will be an onsite clinic offering immediate “Rapid Start” clinical care. This service assures each client receives fast and effective treatment at the moment they first discover they are HIV positive.


What this means is … No more waiting! Instead of a four- or six-week delay after FFL’s referral to care (which is currently provided out-of-house), FFL will now be able to create a treatment plan and prescribe medication in our own onsite clinic, all within 72 hours of diagnosis. This will create an immediate path to viral suppression, clearing the way to an undetectable status in the shortest amount of time possible.


This is a major step for Memphis. And this building—with its own dedicated wing for clinical care—will help us make it possible. And you can help make it possible too!


Will You Join Us on Our Journey?


Your support makes FFL's exciting new chapter possible. As always, you can support us as a weekly, monthly or one-time donor through this link: 






  1. A comprehensive, state-of-the-art onsite clinic for patient care and wellness

  2. A home for “Rapid Start” HIV care to assure the fastest viral suppression possible

  3. Expanded food pantry coordination and delivery

  4. A teaching kitchen to expand nutritional counseling

  5. Whole-body health initiatives—physical and mental wellness—for those at risk of HIV, not just those living with HIV/AIDS




An Expanded and Improved Infrastructure for FFL’s Current Services

  • 35,000 square feet of administrative and programming space

  • In-house care and referrals for more than 20 programs, all under one roof


A Dedicated Clinical Space for Brand New FFL Services

  • A contiguous building space to house new clinical services and health-focused programming

  • An independent entrance and dedicated parking for clinical patients


Convenient Location for Our Clients and Staff

  • Enhanced security features for client safety

  • 91 parking spaces directly connected to the agency

  • Direct access to major bus routes, with visible street frontage located just a half-mile from our previous FFL Headquarters (43 N. Cleveland Street)


Many Strategic Growth Opportunities

  • Broader ability to introduce new programs near dense client populations, all customized to Memphis' unique community needs

  • State-of-the-art clinical equipment, resources and systems to create new efficiencies

  • A footprint for sustainability that makes each gift keep giving for years to come!

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