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For more than 30 years, Friends For Life has been enriching the lives of the men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS through a compassionate and holistic approach to the management of this disease.


Friends For Life Corporation (FFL), one of the oldest and most comprehensive AIDS service organizations in the southern United States, was founded in 1985. A group of friends whose loved ones were dying from complications associated with HIV/AIDS formed the Aid To End AIDS Committee in 1985, the organization that grew to become Friends For Life. Our agency merged with another nonprofit agency, Aloysius Home, in 1999, allowing an expansion of services that includes permanent supportive housing.


Today, Friends For Life employs more than 65 team members and serves more than 3,000 clients annually, including 1,000 clients receiving PrEP or PEP. Our agency provides services to individuals and families living in an eight-county service area that includes Shelby, Tipton and Fayette counties in Tennessee; Crittenden County in Arkansas; DeSoto, Marshall, Tate and Tunica counties in Mississippi.


An extensive history of Friends For Life was created in 2006 for our 20th anniversary. Read it here and learn about the individuals who have been so influential in keeping our organization strong.

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