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The goal of Friends For Life is to be the provider of hope, help and healing for our neighbors affected by HIV/AIDS. We seek to prevent the spread of HIV and help those affected by HIV/AIDS live well. Our comprehensive, client-centered approach includes education, housing, food and nutrition, transportation, mental health services, care coordination and healthy life skills training.


We strive to enlighten the Mid-South in a manner that:

  • Heightens the awareness of HIV’s impact on our community

  • Facilitates stigma reduction to promote acceptance and equality for all, and

  • Promotes prevention through education, testing, counseling and peer support.


Friends For Life is a primary point of entry into the HIV/AIDS service delivery model. Many persons who are newly diagnosed, as well as those who have been “out of care,” come to the agency even before they seek medical treatment. Friends For Life is a vital link to the ongoing health of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Mid-South, and our many services and programs provide comprehensive care and support tailored to each client’s individual needs.


HIV prevention is another major service provided by Friends For Life. Our outreach team meets the community at public and private events, in bars and parks, at health fairs, churches and community centers, all with a goal of promoting safer sexual health and wellness practices and offering free and confidential HIV testing for the community at large. HIV prevention efforts are coordinated through our community  center, The Haven, and our free clinic, The Corner, which offers fast and free PrEP and PEP regardless of income, insurance or immigration status.



Photo credit: Nina Strehl

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