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Discovering Beauty in Overlooked Places

Donna Aird is a mixed medium artist who expresses her talent on canvas and repurposed objects. She draws inspiration from the marks made by people impacted by the world around them. Donna showcases the local, the eccentric and the ordinary through her unique perspective. Her creativity energizes her life as a giver and caregiver and she in turn gives hope to those who can relate to living life to the fullest through the tough situations. “Those who are drawn to my artwork tend to look more carefully at the world and discover beauty in unusual and often overlooked scenarios and places.”

“My strength has come from The Great Almighty God. I think back to the time when my brother had AIDS; during his journey I grasped with the way mortality interfered with our plans whether we liked it or not, but at the same time I could embrace him and show him my love in a way that we cannot do right now during this pandemic.” Donna compares fighting the Aids virus with Covid-19, “Not being able to hold your loved one’s hand and be with them during their life battle must be devastating.” She is currently working on a piece titled, Coronavirus.

In a way, we are all going through a storm without a clear end in sight; that being said, I do think our collective evolution may be that we as humans develop a little more compassion and grace with one another. We are all connected, and my artwork lately has been on that theme.” After her brother passed, Donna created a two-sided piece titled, Life After Death on a reclaimed antique door salvaged from an old Memphis Mansion. The juxtaposition of the discarded door and the effect of the devastating illness when paired together created a true thing of lasting beauty. Donna donated the piece to FFL’s annual fundraiser Art Dash. The funds raised help people who are living with HIV. The annual signature fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for August. If you are interested in learning more about Art Dash, sponsoring or donating a piece of art, please email

Donna shared, “I feel that art must possess a certain amount of realism to effectively inspire the audience.” She is a master at capturing a feeling and sharing the reflection of that experience through the eyes of her unique perspective. She modestly states, “My art can be seen around Memphis on doors, walls, canvases, in restaurants, galleries, ceilings and staging in VRBO's.” Donna your spirit shines through in your art and gives strength to get us through and find beauty through the toughest life battles.

Friend Donna Aird on Facebook and follow her on Instagram at @aird_mocha

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