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Live Life and Help Where You Can

Jennay Crawford is a masterful Jill of All Trades with experience ranging from carpentry, to landscape design, to yard work, painting, cleaning, and hauling, basically you name it and Jennay can do it! When we asked about her expertise, she said, “I do whatever anyone needs help with; it is kind of what I do, live life and help where I can.”

Jennay is a beautiful force of nature who has sponsored the Friends For Life Clue Party fundraiser, and annual Holiday Toy Drive over 17 years. She recalled, “The old watering hole Bar One More had a toy drive for FFL in 2003 and I volunteered to collect and deliver toys. I enjoyed the experience, and was so impressed with the organization that I started hosting an annual toy drive for FFL at Dru’s Bar (Jennay tends bar and anything else that needs tending full time at Dru’s after her day job). The toys and money we collect help kids impacted by HIV to have presents under the tree and that brings me so much joy. Jennay’s 2019 event at Dru’s Bar collected 125 toys with an approximate value of $1300. To learn more about FFL or to make a donation, visit us at

When asked how this pandemic has impacted her, she replied, “I’m blessed to have a day job where I can get outside and select projects that allow social distancing, so I am not in danger. Even though I work outside, I still must mask and glove up to get supplies. It is a weird, strange time, and I am just trying to make it one day at a time. I think after this is all over, we are going to conduct business differently. Once companies realize they are saving money on rent, electricity, maintenance, upkeep etc. and their employees are producing the same amount of work from home,business models may change. Employees also realize they are getting the same amount of work done from home and they’re saving money on gas, food, clothes, childcare, etc. I know I have already altered how I conduct my business."

As a Memphian grit n grind is our proud motto. When asked how her strength has evolved Jennay shared, “Do not get me wrong, I am a strong person that can get things done, but I have gotten more done in the last 3 weeks than in the last 3 months because I am living minute by minute in survival mode. I have realized that time is precious, and I have become more organized; I have become better and more efficient at what I do. Still, there are times it really gets to me because I treasure my time with my mother, and I cannot see her right now since she is in the high-risk group. I am a big hugger and I really missed my friends. It is not so much that my strength has evolved, it is that I am learning to address my weaknesses more effectively.” Thank you Jennay for your support and for sharing those big hugs!

During this time were all in this together to support each other.

- Message Jennay at 901-237-1374 for quotes or to schedule a job

- Friend Jennay Crawford on FB

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