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More Than Just A Hair Cutter

Larry Delancey, legendary stylist in Memphis, is highly skilled at making you look and feel gorgeous. As owner/operator of the new ‘FLIK Salon’ at 403 N Cleveland Suite 105 he graciously shares his 20+ year experience to support Friends For Life and sponsors numerous fundraising efforts in the community. Larry has a great husband James Cox and they are owned by their 4 precious French bulldogs.

When asked how he is holding up Larry stated, “I do think I have pumped up my strength a-bit physically and mentally. You know the old saying, ’When life gives you lemons you make lemonade’, but PLEASE make it at home where you are safe! Seriously, this horrible pandemic has really affected me, my fellow hairstylists, salon owners and cosmology schools. We are all deemed not essential! As for our proud Memphis motto “grit and grind,” I say stay your grit and grind at home so we all can get back to normal.”

Larry began supporting FFL in 2005 when he saw firsthand how we help folks living with HIV. “My dear friend, Scotty aka ‘Alotta Miles’ was HIV positive and living alone since his partner of 20 plus years passed away; he was just existing. Scotty phoned saying he was hungry and had no food. I canceled my clients, took him KFC and groceries. While visiting, he told me he reached out to FFL, but was told he needed to come in to fill out paperwork to begin the process for assistance. Maybe Scotty was too weak or proud, but he didn’t explain the severity of his situation. Scotty was at the end of his life with no car, no strength, and no way to navigate alone. I phoned FFL and when they understood how critical the situation was, someone came to his home to deliver food within the hour, sign him up for help and see if he needed anything else at all. FFL stepped up and made his final time on earth tolerable. I have such respect for FFL and have supported them SINCE THAT DAY, and I will always help,” said Larry.

When asked what anyone can do for him, without hesitation Larry answered, “My husband has a job and can work from home, but I feel for others in his industry who have nothing. Please send a little something to your hairstylist. Even if it’s $5 or whatever, let them know you are thinking of them and they are more to you than just a hair cutter.”

To our amazing stylists, nail techs and aestheticians, to us, you are essential; we truly miss you, we are thinking of you, and we cannot wait to be in your chairs again. Not only do you maintain our hair, nail and skin regimens, you often serve as counselor, and always as are our friends!

How to Cut Your Bangs:

Coloring Your Own Hair:

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