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Trust and Connections to Hit the Mark

Ed Harris was a 27-year-old with the ambition to make his mark on the small businesses community when he opened 'Ed Harris Jewelry' at 555 Perkins Ext, Suite 490 in East Memphis. Ed stated, "The grit n grind it takes to break into the jewelry business is one that's based on trust and connections. I'll be 40 this year, having lived my entire life in Memphis I have been trusted to create custom engagement rings and custom pieces for folks including those that have believed in me since elementary school. My parents worked hard to prepare me for an honest living without the fear of failure. Memphis is just that kind of town: Fearless, especially when we support each other and lift each other up."

When asked about his Friends for Life connection Ed shared, "I have been blessed for over 20 years with dear friends in the Memphis Music Community who turned me on to FFL. After hearing glowing reviews about the organization, I did some research and met with the sponsor coordinator to determine how Ed Harris Jewelry could make a positive impact in the fight against HIV. I instantly fell in love with the FFL mission and am impressed with the work they do, and support services they provide in our region. Just having an organization to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and share their immeasurable wealth of information and support for the health and safety of those affected is so worthwhile and I am proud to support FFL. While we battle this new virus, it is imperative to keep supporting FFL to stop the spread of HIV and continue to help those impacted by it." Ed is a sponsor of Art Dash. The annual signature fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for August. If you are interested in learning more about Art Dash, sponsoring or donating a piece of art, please email

For the fine jewelry business, this pandemic has halted business completely. Ed's watch line is assembled in New Jersey, and he claimed, "My prayers are with everyone there since they have been hit especially hard. I also have close colleagues in New York and Louisiana that go back 20+ years, and I'm praying for each one right now as well. I have an immense amount of hope, and I know this will be over soon, but I think we will come out even better and stronger on the other side of this. I also believe that now more than ever, we can see how much of an influence the medical profession has on our health in Memphis, and how critical they are around the world. Stay home, stay vigilant, but keep up the support."

Unfortunately, Ed's operation is closed until the stay at home mandate is lifted. While the Covid-19 threat requires him to stop business temporarily, Ed continues to support FFL in the battle to stop the transmission of HIV. "My wife is a combat medic veteran for the U.S. Army and is a nurse at Regional One. She informed me that I had better stay home or she would quote, 'Go full drill sergeant on my ass!' I make it a point to never argue medical advice with a nurse, army medic, and wife...." Sage advice Ed. Smart man!

I hope this finds you all healthy and happy!

- Ed Harris Jewelry

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