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Virtual Newsletter: December 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Welcome to Friends For Life's December Newsletter! 🎉


First, listen as Kathy Fish from Fish & Associates discusses the success of our December 2020 Toy Drive with her team!

Our goal this year was to raise $10,000 to support children affected by HIV/AIDS and thanks to the support of the community—we exceeded that goal! Thank you, Memphis!

Then, listen to The Haven manager, Krista Wright-Thayer, discuss some exciting news for The Haven in 2021.

Very soon we will be unveiling our new facility in East Memphis where we look forward to serving even more clients! Alongside the new facility, we will also be launching a new and improved website!

Also, The Haven has started offering tests for Hepatitis C completely free and confidential! Hep C is the most common blood disease in the United States with most people going undiagnosed. Krista outlines the serious effects of living with Hep C and how it's important for everyone to be tested to lower the spread!

If you or someone you know is interested in getting tested, reach out:

Message us on Facebook

Find us on Instagram

Or call us at 901-333-8245

Finally, listen to our Executive Director/CEO Diane Duke as she takes a look back at 2020.

This year was rough to say the least. However, our staff overcame and exceeded expectations. In 2020, we continued to serve our clients and were dedicated to improving their experiences. Additionally, our community rallied behind us and continued supporting all things FFL, even when times were rough.

So, thank you all! We are able to do what we do because of YOU. 😁

Diane continues discussing some exciting upcoming news with the introduction of our Virtual Art Dash. This event will be taking place in February and all information on that can be found below.

Here's to 2021! Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉

Let us know what you're excited about! We want to hear from you.


Your Friends


Coming in February! Art Dash Winter Show and Sale Art Dash is back with a special winter edition that puts fine art to work in the fight against HIV! We are bringing you an Online Gallery of diverse art pieces all month long. Many styles and mediums will be represented, as well as artists of all varieties! Special features include:

  • Works by famous artists such as Erté, Charlie Harper and Patrick Nagel

  • Many original oils and acrylics, as well as pottery, metal art, mixed media and collage

  • A variety of pop art and midcentury modern pieces

  • Broad representation of local and regional artists

  • 200 pieces and counting! Email to donate yours!

Calling All Sponsors!

Art Dash is made possible by generous sponsors like co-chairs Juan Fuentes and Wendy Skarda—and our patrons to date, Dr. Aimee Christian and Frank & Melanie White. Please join them! Click here to become a sponsor that makes this event possible:

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